Archival materials


  1. Book catalogs as sources for non-book items
    1. Worldcat exclude/include option
  2. Special collections in libraries
  3. Archival databases
    1. ArchivesGrid
  4. Archival guides (not for this project)
  5. Robert Alexander collection at Rutgers--Make appointment with librarian to see; Guide is on the web***
  6. Center For research libraries***
  7. National libraries
  8. National digital collections
  9. Google it
  10. Collections of documents and pamphlets on Microfilm
  11. Direct access to major libraries for special collections, digital collections, pamphlets, microfilm, monographs
    1. NYPL
    2. Princeton
    3. Columbia
    4. Library of congress:
    5. Texas:
  12. My web site via my web page:


  1. Lexis Nexis congressional for congressional docs
  2. US Diplomatic papers on Internet:
  3. Digital Naitonal Security Archive: