Advanced Research in Latin American Studies

CIDOC Microform Documents on Popular Religiosity in Latin America

The CIDOC microfilm materials are distributed by IDC. Fom the IDC website: "The imprints of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that reflect local devotions and syncretist rituals, religious iconography and poetry, and the pastoral campaigns of the various churches and sects, went uncollected and unnoticed until the early 1960s, when Ivan Illich began to search for them and to collect them in the CIDOC Library of Cuernavaca, Mexico. The filming of a selection of material from this collection has been done in many libraries throughout Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Chile."

The collection is composed of 3,322 monographs and 576 serials. CIDOC, the Centro Intercultural de Documentación is based in Mexico and was founded by Ivan Ilich.

The files linked below are reproduced by permission of IDC publishers. The PDF format files include the detailed holdings of these collections in three different catalogs. The pagination is not sequential.

Libraries that own the collection: The University of California Library System, Pennsylvania State University, Library of Congress & The University of Wisconsin at Madison. Orders can be placed from IDC.

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  • Catalog 2
  • Catalog 3

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